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The Compendium of Greens (Wizs)


About ten thousand years ago, God grant a mysterious plant to the Eastern Land that gave human beings a way to gain the divine efficacy —— Cannabis indica.      


Her footprints are in every area of the earth along with the civilization of human history during the past thousand years. However, it has become the most controversial plant on the earth with tons of misleading and misunderstanding.



Compendium of Material Medica gives an explanation to the usage of cannabis: "See ghost and run in large dose, connect to gods and cleanse the body in long term"      


Dosage and usage is the most important subject since the very beginning. A correct dose of cannabis is not only for the healing of human body, but also the scientific attitude on the spiritual trip.


From protogenesis to neogensis, science treatment to higher dimensional exploration, this compendium of Greens will include more than one hundred strains of cannabis with a closer look at the origins and history.

More importantly, we need to learn the application of different strains in different situations until we can full master this skill.


Attached with our visualized experience that created by our HIGH and STONED artists.


artist’s personal understanding to various varieties.

Use images to present in-depth visual experience.




  • A set of five:30


  • Goods are shipped from mainland of China to foreign countries. For convenience of transporting, please note your phone number in the order.

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