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Special plan for 710 | The golden path of the green wizard

From the end of 2016 till now,

Wizman has been doing Dabliss research and development all the time.

In order to optimize products’ every features,

we went deep into the workshop.

Each screw from design to assembly,

from each material processing technology to sample polishing,

all of them we take charge personally.

To truly understand:

「It’s so fxxking hard

to get one pot die.

'Zen and smoking atomizer manufacture art’

might be possible to express our views:

It's easy to "meet" the status quo,

but as long as there is one more problem, it can't be perfect.

The exploration spirit of the astronauts must always be available

Which is the key to be a member of a serious Wizman club.

Back to the topic,

we will briefly discuss the development of the current 710 industry.

Our goal is to do the most professional 710 appliances.

So even though we completed the design and manufacturing process in China,

we still stood in the legal area -- solving user problems in North America as the main market.

(Marijuana has not been legal in China yet,

despite recent official representatives held on express

"cannabis is the United Nations definition of psychotropic drugs, the Chinese legal drugs".

6.26 crackdown took a batch of "missionary",

and we still stand in the line of struggle )

Within China some pals form Internet often ask us on the platform whether to sell marijuana,

but we only spread the cannabis culture and make better cannabis peripheral products.

We do not seek personal gain by plants.

We prefer to be self-sufficiency, growing and making extracts at home.

It's not difficult to CHILL in the dark,

but the idea of Wizman is not that simple.

We are constantly learning and progressing,

to pray for one day when East Asian cannabis will be legalized!

Wizman Manufacture is going to be the TOP 710 leading brand!


Manufacturing Assembly Line Work

Starting time: 2016.10

Problem: Firelock is too troublesome, Enail and Bong is not portable. Wanna find some more convenient products.

Demand: Rapid increase of temperature, easy to use anytime&anywhere, and can be shared with a group of homies.

Industry Analysis:

In short, the portable dry-burning evaporator is the most ideal product. After we collected the hot-selling products on the market, we found out that the structure of these electronic evaporators are not that complicated. The most lethal weakness of traditional Dab is that the heating is too slow to control the temperature, and the existing products can not solve the problem.

There are some well-known brands, the speed of heating is slow , and the temperature can not reach the standard! The highest temperature is less than 300F. Eventually the wax was wasted and melted into mucus, and it was not able to be removed.

Our product conception and implementation process:

Dab:It is filtered through water to remove impurities and improve taste and flavor.

Atomizing Cabin: Made of visualization, in order to facilitate the addition. And the design is behind the machine. It needs to get used to interface operation to be familiar with the use, specialized operation to bring a better sense of experience.

Enail: Heating contact area must be large, usually with 14mm smoke nail can be fully half full. In the case of ensuring the heating efficiency, the replaceable titanium Enail has been designed to the maximum, which is of course a little fun for some OG. However, we prefer to chill in moderation.

Some pals who can smoke 2 to 3 joints, finishing one dab like this can easily get out of the galaxy.

Battery: In order to ensure the heating speed, we spent two months to try a plenties of brand batteries of export supply. Finally we found the most matching and appropriate battery, is perfect for 10 seconds to 300 degrees Celsius.

The whole process of trying the battery was almost drive us crazy, because there were too many false information on the battery. Focusing on the fact that many industries are now limited to batteries, light power products like tesla's electric sports cars have led to cutting-edge research in batteries. We are looking forward to the technical innovation, so that the invisible Dab artifact is promising!

Color LED Screen: Divided into 3 levels—— bud, oil and wax, which is convenient for beginners to switch at any time.

Accessories: Detail-oriented, airtight and light-proof atomized cabin, equipped with LED lamp clamp. Because the size of limit Bong is still easy to splash water, we designed a special silica gel filter to replace. It's tedious but effective.

Appearance: Pure is the Wizman’s aesthetic preference, and has the match colors of black, green and purple, with Retro game weapons modeling. By the way, our products will differentiate from the business style that design for the market, and the shutdown interface will set “Good Trip”.

We wanted to make a special fluorescent decorative strip on the body of the machine. But the manual operation is complicated, and finally we selected to use the mold to color. Also, we wanted to mix the luminous powder, but it failed. So far we haven't continued in-depth studies whether this technology can be implemented. Currently, Dabliss will only shine in the psychedelic light.

Producing Time: 2017.04

Go deep into the production process, from design to proofing to assembly is DIY. The first is that we like to challenge, and the second is to understand how a product is born.

Most of the brands are basically branded existing products or find a factory to make out their design. But communication with factories is cumbersome, and they are difficult to understand the real needs of professional players. Although we were looking for a product to brand, it was a pity that we didn't find out any suitable portable atomizer that we were satisfied. If we ask for any agency for processing optionally, the product may not meet our standard.

The results were good at the end, which was cost the price of my dream car to develop a Dab vapor that can be placed by the bed. The oriental stoners finally fulfilled the dream of the holy.

Dabliss League!

↓↓ An Unpacking Assessment From Senior Pothead Director CJ ↓↓

Our director NG for several times

Even our photographer couldn't watch it!lol

Easy Dab but also easy to Easy High too much!

He came to an understanding:

To be a internet celebrity is hard,

But become a Cannabis celebrity is so fucking hard.

At 420 High Times So-Cal Cannabis Cup this year,

We met Stoned Gamer who is congenial to Wizman’s tastes

and we decided to cooperate with each other.

Partnering with them,

Wizman sponsored the California event,

and presented Dabliss to the champion of the Stoned Game!

The latest Dabliss system has also been upgraded to control and stabilize temperature,

And the strengthen insulation design.

High temperature does not heat the body of the machines in 5 minutes

which solves the weakness of most small atomizer.

OG, check out the NEW 710!

Now it has been well received by the professional evaluation,

Hot selling & Welcome to order!

Dab Box

Dab Box · Big Box

Rosin Press + Enail All-in-one machine


First, fold the buds loosely in the silicone paper. Then, place it in the heated oil pressure area. After that, press the air pump switch and wait about 30 to 90 seconds to take out . At last, you will get the "Holy Golden Wax".

Press the GREEN switch to switch to the nail and directly put it in.

The advantage of shatter that is extracted by physical pressure is more like the original taste, which is more fresh and smooth.

Mini Enail · Small-sized dc current source

Primary Electronic Dab Equipment

Simple, Cheap & Fully furnished

Household necessities & Plug and Play

The 710 LOGO on the box is also luminous

The weapon of the midnight Wizman stoners.

Other players who need the professional equipments

Like “The Butane Extractor” and “The Co2 Extractor”

Contact email

Together and waiting for the era of Chill & Fly!

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