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WIZMAN Brand Introduction

WIZMAN used to be a comic studio from Hong Kong started in 2014. We released the <WIZMAN> series comic, illustrating the battles between drug heroes. After educating the Chinese underground users for years, now WIZMAN has become the biggest cannabis info platform in China and a wide selection of 420/710 culture related products. Our scientific attitude with creative designs soon gain us reputation and over 10,000 solid supporters via WeChat, while we still remains our secrecy by a strict referral system.

We are proud to be the first one who introduces the concepts of modern strains, medical usage and cannabis concentrates to China. “WIZMAN” is not only a fictional icon but also an integration of enormous souls that seeking for freedom. We truly believe that we can spread this Peace and Love to the world with our hearts that have been touched by this magic plant. We believe everybody has the right to know the truth about cannabis. We believe the young people has the right to access to this magic plant. We believe NO ONE has the right to forbid us to live a healthier life. We believe in a better world for us all. ​​

WIZMAN only crafts premium gears for the hardcore cannabis lovers, those who believe that the green goddess deserves a better ritual. Our designers, engineers and even workers understand the GREEN magic and we do not compromise until we actualize our wildest dream. We are striving for creating the best vaping and smoking gears for our fellow sisters and brothers, and the treasure we love. After the debut of Dabliss on the 2017 So-Cal high Times Cannabis Fest, the 710 gears are now embracing a new generation. Every puff you take and every time you dab, WIZMAN is there with you.

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