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To all the stoners who bears a baked heart

STONED BOY is the latest member from our WIZ VAPOR series. Being so bored by common vapes with conventional design, we went all out this time with our Gameboy inspired portable vaporizer. Infused with 90s geek aesthetic and our love for 8-bit, Stoned Boy is the leading gamer in this retro movement. Of course, Being a real gamer requires much more than just having a pretty face. The heating system itself first of all shows that we ain’t messing around.

Heating System

With our 3D heating design, STONED BOY’s ceramic chamber heats up your content from all directions. This design gives your inhale a sweet herbal aroma by providing a steady and even heating to the oven. There are three heat level settings, each dedicated to a certain type of ingredient:

BAKE (50F-239F) – Herb

VAPE (240F-419F) – Concentrate

DAB (420F-600F) – Wax

But you can also adjust the temperature to your own taste. If patience is not one of your virtues, worry not! STONED BOY’s oven will reach a toasty 300F before you can finish reciting Sonnet 18, or whatever that takes you 10 seconds to recite.

Filter Module

When you’re taking your meds, you want to do it in the cleanest and healthiest way possible. That’s why we added a detachable water filter module, aka a bong, to STONE BOY. The filter module is attached by magnets, which design allows easy water change. You can also purchase a new filter module from our retailers if you wish to get rid of the old one. Paired with our rapid heating oven, every puff will be a clean, smooth exchange of breath.

Quality and Design

With all the intense heating, you bet STONED BOY is built like a stone. The ABS plastic body and double insulation keeps the body nice n cool even after 7 minutes of baking at 700F. This retro looking device also comes in 2 colors - Classic off white/red and black/green. STONED BOY fits in your palm nicely and comes with a neck strap. Teamed with temperature setting saved from your last hit, smoke on the go is literally two button press away.

Full Color Screen

The little 1.7 inch, full colored screen not only displays your baking time and the temperature your baking in, but it’s also the home base of Wizman. Join him on a journey through space and time, and find what’s at the end of the rainbow.

Flashy Bits

As fellow stoners, we understand that a good vibe is as important as good herbs when it comes to a perfect sesh. That’s why we added a dash of LEDs on STONED BOY with 8 colors and 7 effects for you to choose from. This boy basically has more personality than James Mcavoy in the movie Split.

Power Source

2x 18650 lithium batteries (Works best with 30A 3000mA batteries. Unfortunately they have to be purchased separately). USB charging cable is included. Battery will be fully charged in about 3 hours and will give you about 2hours of bake time. Recharge every 2-3days for regular usage.

How To Use

  1. Add water to filter module and attach mouthpiece

  2. Attach filter module to main body

  3. Switch on STONED BOY

  4. Fill ceramic chamber with desired content

  5. Set temperature

  6. Press M button and wait for temperature to build

  7. Vape on!

Safety Features

Since we designed a device that you probably won’t leave out of your sight for awhile, we ensure that your relationship with STONE BOY won’t go up into flames. When over heating is detected, onboard computer will sound the alert and stop baking until temperature returns to a safe level.

Making the experience YOURS

At Wizman, we thrive for creating products that deliver the most unique user experience. Allowing you to join the tailoring process of your own universe while having as much fun as possible. Your delighted approval is why we would never set foot in the box, and continue our legacy of high quality inventions

Looking more STONED BOY's information, you could also check out our LA manager's

instagram page: @stonedgamerleague

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