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WIZMANIA ready to take off on 4/20!

Believe it or not, it's almost 4/20 already. For our fellow Stoners the only difference between 4/20 and Christmas is that one has trees that you can smoke and the other one doesn't. It's the time of a year when you should get out of your room, turn on your Stoned Boy, and take a life-time bath under the tender hand of spring sunshine. It's the time when you can call up your homies and spend a nice afternoon together smoking, bullshitting, holding hands (why not) in a random park while sharing your grass with lovely passengers. Yes, it's the time.

This year, Wizman decides to celebrate this wonderful moment by going out and bringing our new products, new artworks and love to like-minded stoners all over the world. Vancouver, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Shenzhen choose your favorite city and join us there on the top class 4/20 festivals!

We welcome you to come and hang out with us and feel free to test out Stoned Boy, Dabliss and our most exciting new vape mod PUFF BOY! (detailed information attached at the end) Also since summer is coming in any seconds, we prepared new series of T-shirts with all kinds of crazy graphics for you to be the most wized up stoner of 2019!

Los Angeles | Kushstock festival

Finally we are coming back to L.A!!! Kush Stock with its motto "By the people, for the people" is gaining more and more popularity among the California stoners in recent years. And we are proud to be a part of Kushstock after having a wonderful time on Hightimes cannabis cup in 2017. We couldn't wait to see you there!

Vancouver | 420 Vancouver

It's been 25 years since the first Vancouver 420 protest and people are still fighting. 420 Voncouver has the record of not only being the longest lasting 420 event but also having the largest crowd smoking weed at the same time, the number from last year is 30,000. This year we are expecting more than 10,0000 stoners from all over the world to be in Sunset Beach to enjoy their smoking and wandering through the unbelievably diverse weed market.

Try to find our booth and claim your gift!

Bangkok | Thailand 420

From an underground event with less than 100 attendees to a worldwide stoner gathering, it took only 5 years for Thailand 420 to grow and gain attention. 2019 is an extremely exciting time for Thai people since its government finally decided to take a step forward and legalized medical marijuana. As a 420 group that still struggles on the progress of legalization, we feel so lucky to be part of this celebration and to exchange our thoughts with those who had won their fight.

Shenzhen | Singularity festival

Despite all the inconveniences related to the insane law enforcement, Shenzhen is still our most lovely home. In our favorite time of the year, there's no way we are going to wander around without spending sometime with our old friends, showing off art works that belong to our kind. On Singularity Festival, Wizman and our friends are going to have multiple spaces for a display of our recent art works and cops-friendly products. Yes we need to stay sober for the time, but why not. Reality is the new psychedelia, ain't that right?

Finally the PUFF BOY!

Are you bored with those aesthetic-less designed vapes?

Are you sick with the smell of cigarettes?

Are you looking for a stylish accessory for your everyday look?

PUFF BOY is your BOY!

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