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WIZMAN 420 TOUR | Introducing the PUFF BOY

WIZMAN has just finished its first 2019 world 420 exhibition/trade-show tour.

Our classic Stoned Boy and Dabliss knocked the socks off all bois and gals, not to mention how well received our new kid on the block was: da PUFF BOY.

Inspired by Nintendo Gameboy, the PUFF BOY utilizes +control pad, large back-lit LCD screen and intuitive 8-bit style operating system to offer a completely different user experience than any other custom mods on the market, bringing 90s retro geek spirit back to 2019. NO MORE complicated combo input, NO MORE boring design, JUST ENJOY THE LOVE FROM WIZMAN.

PUFF BOY’s key features are listed as follows:

Voltage adjustable to 200W

3 power modes, 12 presets

Dual 18650 Battery

8 Bit style Full Color Interface

Game-console style control

Customizable animated screen saver

Light weight design, weights 170g only


Da PUFF BOY is now open for Pre-Order! You can purchase them on our website: First batch will ship after PUFF BOY’s official launch party on June.1st 2019. Our global partners will also start selling PUFF BOYs in early June.


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