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May the 4th's Beeper AIO Pre-order Extravaganza

Following the RBA ethic of Boro design, Beeper AIO uses ARM M0 + low-power performance chips with maximum power reaching up to 80W. The exclusive system ‘Beeper OS’ is easy to use.

Mecha RBA is a new frontier: Portable oil storage functionality with automatic filling–

more fun and bigger smoke! With single coil support mesh atomizing wire, the Mecha RBA provides a fuller pleasure for Mesh users.

Almost all pieces are detachable and modifiable:

Replaceable 510 Drip Tip, compatible with RBA of the same size as BB tank; front panel locked by hex screws (screen frame, key bracket, ignition key and silicone key can all be replaced and assembled).

After removing the screen frame, the 1.7-inch OLED screen will be exposed and the filter can be changed here (displaying different colors).

(NOTE: Users should be cautious not to disturb the wiring under the screen frame as it could adversely affect the device’s functionality. It is not recommended for those without DIY experience to disassemble and assemble by themselves.)


Dimensions: 87 *53 *26.8 mm

Device Material: Aluminum alloy

Device Weight: 155g

Display: 1.7” OLED Screen

Output Power: 5-80W

Threaded interface: Negative

Drip Tip Size: 510

Battery Type: 18650 single battery (not included)

Charging Port: Type-C

Charging Current: 5V/ 2A

RBA Size: 40 *25.8 *16.5 mm

RBA Capacity: 3 ML

Beeper AIO Kit set price: $126 (USD)

Kit included: Beeper AIO, RBA, front panel, back panel, 2 mesh heating wires, holster, instruction card, accessories bag.

Color: Old School Black White Wave Wiz 01 Blue Sunshine

The loss rate is also higher due to the time-consuming CNC process. Therefore, it is expected that only 420 units will be released in the first batch and each Beeper AIO will be specially numbered.

*The aluminum alloy surface adopts anodizing process, but the White Wave adopts the oil injection process, which is not resistant to scratches. If you are particular about this, then please consider one of the other three colors.

*The shipping time will be at the end of May.

Check out the Pre-order method on


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